Positivity Tips During This Quarantine Period

The times are changing for the moment and I choose to look at it as an opportunity for change or to build on other areas of the life. Maybe because I’ve spent such a long time in the past with a negative mindset without any change that now having realised focusing on the negatives does nothing to help any situation.

In reality, what we focus on grows. So if you focus on the positive, you will find more to be grateful for and be happy about.So what are the positives we can find or do in the ongoing quarantine/social isolation period? (PS I hope you are practising good hygiene as well).

  • More cooking at home

I have previously posted about breakfast, meal prep, and just recently created an ebook on a guide on how to cook meals for the busy working person, which most of us are. As we take precautions at home, we have a chance to really work on and hone our cooking skills. Those dishes you wanted to try or simply improving on your lasagna recipe, is now completely possible. As best part is, once all of this blows over (which it will), you’ll be armed with better confidence and skills in the kitchen, which will save your money and allow you and your family to enjoy delicious meals. It’s a win-win!

  • Improving your sleep

Staying at home will give a chance to work on your sleep including increasing your hours – especially if you work many hectic hours. It is tempting to spend the time saved from working binge watching Netflix – and sure please have some down time, but this is a unique chance to work on improving your sleep, sleeping at a set time and waking up at a set time, for 7-8hours uninterrupted. Make “rise and shine” a motto. Getting adequate sleep also helps regulate your mood and appetite, so you will get less cravings and better control of your mood – which is important to maintain in this time period.

  • At-home workouts

A 30 minute routine in the morning, a yoga routine from Youtube, or starting a calisthenics journey and get the strength or body that you want – this is the perfect time! You can find a workout that you enjoy and are able to stick to, and sure enough when this quarantine period ends, you will have not given in to the temptation of spending the whole time eating and slobbering around, but have a tool to improve your health. And you’ll feel proud of yourself too for sticking to it.

  • Practising mindfulness and gratitude

Take each day to truly appreciate when you do have – the family you have, the friends who support you, a safe home, your health, food to eat, and the power to choose what you focus on. Without all the distractions of having to travel here or there, you can sit and be grateful for all that you have in your life. Thanks to the internet, you can still keep in contact with your loved ones and cherish them, remember to appreciate them and express gratitude and love for their presence in your life. This will create a positive air around you and you’ll feel grounded even amongst all that’s happening right now.

  • Work on that hobby or project

Wanted to learn how to play guitar, or to carve wood? You now have the time to really do so. Or yet find a hobby to include your child or sibling or parent so that it’s a bonding activity that’s going to build memories with those you live with at home. If you stay alone, you can now learn the piano or work on that side hustle you always wanted to do.

In summary, this quarantine period is a time to cherish the fact that you do have control over what you choose to focus on, and will feel much more productive is this new “free” time is spent mostly doing things what will enrich your mind and body and be grateful for what you do have. Instead of spending this time at home glued to the TV where its all bad news 99% of the time, worrying about what you cannot control, you have the ability to choose to work on better ways to spend your time, energy and focus.

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