Belief Matters Most – In Everything You Do

Whether you believe you can or you can’t, you’re right.

Henry Ford

We’ve heard that quote before, and it seems pretty cliche, right? Well the reason things get cliche is that there tends to be a reason for them to be over-used or over-said – the information is usually based on fact. This quote is anyway.

The true power of your attitude and mindset is only going to be appreciated for the unlimited power that it is when you take the chance to believe in something you have not yet allowed yourself to believe.

Yes, you have the power to allow yourself to believe what you want, contrary to what you may have thought all along.

We wait to find someone to love us and enter a relationship to then be able to feel love (ie a relationship allows us to feel love ie believe we are worthy or love). We wait until we lose our job or have a pandemic in order to start thinking about our finances (ie crisis allows us to be more financially aware, ie believe we need to reduce spending and save more).

Only then, when either in a situation of loss or where we physically see something in front of us to we give ourselves permission to think in a different way, to believe in something different.

And it’s exactly the same with your fitness and health, we believe only “when I lose Xkg” or “when i can run Xkm in 20minutes”, or “when I can do a handstand to a split” THEN will you be fit and healthy, and deserving of the title or status of being a “fitness” person.

Allow Yourself To Believe First

I’m here to tell you that lucky for us, we can choose to believe even before the result.

Let’s say you simply grind away robotically at something. You may see physical results eg if you eat a boiled egg diet for a month, you will SEE the result of dropping weight. Yet it will not be truly lasting and sustainable, especially self-sustainable – free from any need of external validation – because it hasn’t been engrained in your mind to become natural and “normal” for you. So the pounds will pack back on, and likely even more than what you started with.

We can use the power of belief to reverse this process. It works the other way round – only when you first believe that you are eg a happy healthy person , then you can take on their behaviours; act like them; eat like them; workout like them etc and only at the end, will you see the physical proof in front of you – looking fit, having more energy and most importantly loving yourself.

Sure, it hard to completely rely on faith especially on the matter of health; there are so many measurable indicators of whether your health is good or not! – Your weight, body fat percentage, yoga poses attainable, how you feel when you look at yourself in the mirror naked. So what do you do even before you’ve started, when there’s no proof? When you’re at the starting point, what anchors your belief?

The Proof Will Come When The Effort Is Applied

On early days, you will likely have high motivation and energies to push through, and in this stage, as you create your beliefs such as “I am flexible and strong”, you might struggle to touch your toes, let alone do a crane pose. What you need to do is put in the work consistently, even on the days when the days are rough, and look for the improvements.

You will improve over time as you put in the work, this is an undeniable fact. You just need to be aware of how each time it gets easier and easier to touch your toes; how now it gets easier to wake up at 5am; how you feel less hungry and more satiated you feel as the days pass since switching to an egg white omelette for breakfast instead of your normal cereal; or even how much easier the workouts feel at the gym.

These teeny tiny small changes is exactly what you use to back up your beliefs. If you chose to become more energetic, through the work of diet changes and working out, you notice the actual improvements. They serve as hella motivation for you to continue pushing on which leads to more change which allows you to push on and have more change and on and on and on.

Until you reach the point where you have made so many changes and see yourself as the goal achieve and maintaining that vision of yourself becomes easy. It is easy because its who you are being, it becomes who you are.

In the same way who you currently are right now feels easy for you to be; you have this set of beliefs (whether you’re aware of them or not) that govern what you say, eat, think and act. The current sets of beliefs you have is what is creating the reality you have right now.

So if you want a new reality, whether it is physical appearance, energy levels, or simply improving your overall health, all you have to do is to allow yourself to believe in something new.

It all starts with a crazy idea, the crazy belief you can bring the idea to life (which I KNOW you can) and the crazy plan to achieve it. All you’ll need then is the stick-to-it iveness and patience.

Dare to dream, and believe it even more.

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