The Power Of The Compound Effect

Do one thing today. Tomorrow aim to do it just 1% better. The next day aim to do it better by another 1 %. And so on and so forth. In one year, you will have a 365% improvement in that activity.

In life there are certain areas that benefit from consistent daily habits. The one we are most familiar with is with finances – compound interest on a savings account. Over 3 decades you could have millions from small weekly or monthly contributions, made every month without fail.

Its simple. Almost too easy.

Health works in the same way in that the small things you do everyday, add up to huge effects over time. It is the reason why the weight slowly creeps up without noticing OR the reason why you find it easier and easier to stay healthier.

We Love Complexity

The reason we look for the newest gimmick, or the latest diet, the most effective exercise or search for new ways to achieve our goal is this: we don’t like simplicity.

It’s hard to believe that small easy actions can truly take us to being the dream version of ourselves. It seems too easy. It must be fake. We don’t trust it.

The idea of overnight successes, grinding daily and making our dreams come to life in 3 months with a magic combination of techniques and strategies excites us more.

Yet if we look at the truly successful people in all areas of life, I mean those who are true pioneers and leaders in their field, one theme lays constant.

The put the work in. For a long time. And they started with the easiest, most obvious steps.

They came across obstacles, failures, and they didn’t give up. Most importantly, they aimed to get better with every day and opportunity that came. This activity repeated for a long period of time got them to where they are, and where we wish to be.

Take A Chance On Simplicity

By now, in this technologically advanced time, there’s no shortage of information. Especially about the latest, quickest, most effective way to do ABC. You’ve probably tried some of these strategies and maybe had some success.

So the way going forward is to take 1 (ONE) activity, the single one that will most contribute towards what you are aiming to achieve, and decide to do it every day. For 30 minutes. And aim to do it just a little bit better each time you do.

Wash, rinse and repeat for 3 years. When you look back, you won’t believe how far you’ve come.

Keep it simple, that’s the underlying key for it all. Then your efforts will stack on top of themselves. It will be slow to start, but a point will come in which exponential growth occurs, and then you are zooming past the clouds.

You just need to keep it simple and keep it up long enough.

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