5 Simple Ideas To Free Up Time In Your Busy Life

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We all wish we had more time in our day. It’s one of the biggest reasons that prevents us from making the choices and progress we want.

We live hectic lives, there’s a growing pressure to be “productive”, and there is always something we have to do. It’s unlikely that most of us have “free time”.

When was the last time you were bored?

It’s more of a situation where we have to create time from our daily schedule rather than find free time.

Those who master how to use their time wisely will be in a much better position because time is a limited resource. Those who can use it to do good for themselves are putting themselves at an advantage. Are you?

Let’s find 5 simple ways to free up your time:

1. Learn to meal prep

It’s the simple idea of making your meals in advance. It becomes even easier when you learn to use your oven, grill, freezer, microwave and blender.

Taking 2 hours on a Sunday to free your time for the next few days will put more pluses in your corner (and results are about accumulating more pluses than minuses). Check out a meal prep infographic here.

2. Schedule it like a meeting

You don’t excitedly choose the meeting at work or that appointment at the doctor. You do it not because you like it but because its in your interest to get it done no matter how you feel.

Treat your workout session the same way – you’re not excited to do it but its in your best interest to do it. That way you will have no choice and you wont waste time procrastinating on doing ti or not. You can spend the day telling yourself you’ll do it later, and later never comes. Don’t give yourself a choice, schedule it.

3. Learn 5 Staple Meals You Can Make In 25 Minutes

If we have to think we have to eat different food everyday of the week it can get stressful and overwhelming. You can find 5 or so simple basic meals you can make yourself that are well balanced and base 75% of your meals around that.

Have 2 options for breakfast, and 3 or so for lunch/dinner, then mix and match them depending on your mood.

It will not only save time, brain energy, cost of food (fewer ingredients to buy) but also help you build consistency and good habits. Consistency is the name of the game.

4. Choose a flexible workout plan that works around your schedule

If you work night shifts, you can workout when you get off your shift if you’re not too tired, or after you’ve take a nap, 4x a week. Or if you work 12hour days, you can work out before you head to work, because you’re usually exhausted after a long day, and make one of the workout days fall on a weekend.

This is when it’s important to use the most efficient exercises so you don’t waste your time AND have great results because they target the right muscles in the right way as often as needed.

Get a proven home workout here and start today.

5. Track Your Time – And Negotiate With Yourself

If you wrote a diary of how you spent every 30minutes of your day, you’ll find many pockets of leisure time usually spent on social media, the internet, socialising etc.

You don’t have to cut out your leisure hours but you can definitely identify an hour here and there – eg 3 episodes a day of a Netflix adds up to around 2.5 hours. How about you instead use one of those hours to workout and rewards yourself with 1 episode?

That way you can motivate yourself, especially in the beginning because you’re not going to want to do the thing and motivation will be the main driver, and watch your series feeling proud of yourself for doing the hard thing.

These 5 short tactics are ways you can hustle an hour here and there and use it for good. Of course there’s more to this, a solid nutritional basis and dealing with stress is the way forward and then you can get to a sustainable future.

To find out how to bring consistency in your own life, book a call today.

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