Achieve Your Health and Weight Loss Goal Faster By Doing This

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When you want to get healthier, more energetic, more confident, or lose weight, there’s an easy way to do it. The answer is not to see yourself as where you are, but as where you desire to be.

This works because the reason we reach any goal is because it is all created in the mind first. All is mental.

What you think you are, you become. What you focus on, you move towards. Picture where you want to go, and you will get there.

Now how does this apply to losing weight?

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Think Your Way There

Lets take an example of a car journey…..

When you get in your car to get to a location, you turn on your GPS. Then you focus on following the instructions of the GPS with your only goal of – reaching your destination.

You don’t get caught up in where you are at the moment because as long as you are moving towards where you want and following your guide, you will succeed.

On top of that, you imagine at your destination – say it’s a party you’re attending, is a blacktie event. You will gather your most elegant outfit, accessories and get excited. You look forward to and prepare to be there.

So why do we take a health journey any differently?

Focusing and reminding yourself of your current condition, wallowing in it, complaining about it, keeps your focus on it, and thus, your mind keeps recreating the same reality – same results.

It is much simpler and less resisting for you to use your mind in this way by regularly visualing where you want to be, how you want to feel, and what your imagined health habits would be as your ideal self.

Willpower And Discipline?

If we don’t, and decide to use only sheer action WITHOUT tuning our minds as well, we rely solely on willpower. This means only doing what you are supposed to do, without getting in meantal alignment with it.

Forcing yourself will only work for so long. And you wanting to be a healthier version of yourself is something that should just come naturally because it is in your alignment to be healthy and fit – it is only through habits that are preventing you from your natural wellbeing that you are overweight or ill.

Mental work is 90% of your reason for being where you are.

The true process to become sustainably healthy is a process that is made up of a few simple key features:

  • Self awareness – emotions and habits
  • Nutritional understanding
  • Effective and enjoyable physical activity
  • Self love and acceptance throughout the journey
  • Discipline pushes until vision pulls

To go into depth with these features requires some time, and definitely some individualised solution is the best way because the journey is different for everyone, even though the key elements are the same.

You have to imagine it before you become it.

You have to imagine yourself healthy even before you have become it.

Set A Container For Yourself To Grow

It is way more natural and easier to follow such a process. One thing that coaching or guidance helps you with is when you have someone to help you maintain the vision of where you want to go and steer you towards it when you get off track – as we all do.

We all need reminders once in a while of the person we could be, and someone who can inspire and motivate us. They provide the container for us to grow.

Picture Your Best You – Then Act Like Her

Picture the energetic, vibrant healthy version of you and take steps each day to embody that version of you. Day in day out, if you put in the work, you can see great changes happening in your life, with ease and flow.

Discipline is needed in the beginning because you will want to keep being as you always have been. However, you can, with time, work to build better habits – and you will be surprised.

The key to building a new path begins with visualising where you want to be.

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