The Single Most Important Thing You Need To Succeed

You know what to do. If not exactly all the steps, you know the steps. You even TAKE those steps, take action; you go run for an hour, eat a nutritious meal, give up those donuts at the office for once.

But you’re still not seeing the results you want.

Sure maybe after 2 days of giving up food ‘X’ (keto, paleo, banting, gluten free, vegan, or whatever food/foods you think will take you where you want to go), the scale is 2 kg lighter. Or maybe you’re on day 26 of your no-sugar ,no-cake no-cookies no-candies ‘diet’.

Or better yet, a 7day detox – vegetable smoothies and fruit all week basically. Celery and all.

These examples in and of themselves are not terrible ideas. However they don’t provide you with the key thing you need to see the results you actually want.

Consistency. Over a long time. And I mean a longer time than you probably think.

Can you sustain a blended vegetable diet over months? Or years? Can you fit it around your life to make it a PART of your life?

Is it realistic to say you will never eat cake or cookies or bread again? In this modern world with our westernised diets and staple meals based around wheat products (pastas, breads, pizzas etc) and grains (rice,corn and corn products), can you be consistent over the long term with this?

I will be the very first person to say NOPE I will not sustain this.

The truth to anything in life whether work or personal or health, what you do most of the time is what matters. That’s the fundamental base around which any food/health based decision should really be.

Of course, we’re all human. With the above said, there are benefits to temporarily removing some foods from your immediate access, I mean tempt not want not, right? Trigger foods are an important part to understand too.

All eating patterns do work – vegan, keto, paleo, low carb, meditteranean, intermittent fasting etc. They work best when you find what works for YOU and what you can consistently sustain in your life.

Ditch the temporary fix and hop onto a new consistent way of doing things. Of course it’s easier said than done. And its difficult in the beginning to try one thing and find it doesn’t work for you.

Aim for nutritious food THAT YOU LIKE. If you don’t like it, there’s less likelihood you will sustain it. So that next week, next month, next year, you’ll be just as happy to have your favourite 1pan grilled vegetable meal coz you found out that you not only love grilled broccoli, you find yourself suggesting it to your loved ones.

So that’s the key. Find what you like, do it today, tomorrow, next month, next year. You wont mind coz you like it, right?

Sustainability. Consistency. Simple, but not easy.

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