Lifting Weight Makes You Bulky?

Lifting weight + eating too much = BULKY.

Lifting weight + eating just enough = NOT BULKY = TONED

That’s the reality. If you are at a caloric surplus, regardless of whatever exercise is done, weight will be gained. 

This is why nutrition is key, and why getting an understanding of nutrition is important.

Ladies, this is true for us as well. If anything, true muscle gain in a woman is difficult because we have naturally lower levels of testosterone, excessive muscle gain is almost impossible without the use of drugs, elite genetics plus a work ethic to rival The Rock… So pick up that dumbbell, yes that heavy black one, it’s only going to do wonders for you.

Truth time: Weight training burns much fewer calories than you think. By “much fewer”,its not to say it doesn’t burn any, because if you have a high volume leg day, you will burn quite a number of calories.

“Much fewer” means, resistance training should not be looked at as a tool to burn calories, because it just isn’t an efficient way to produce significant caloric deficit. 

Eat for fat loss, train for muscle retention.

It’s also why when you finally DO get nutrition in order, results seem to just pour from the heavens LOL.

This isn’t to assume everyone is trying to lose weight of course, some of us might be trying to gain weight and build some muscle. The equation still remains the same in this case, in that nutrition (caloric surplus) is a necessity, and a consistent weight training schedule is necessary.

But the majority of people trying to lose some fat, build some muscle, will only benefit from weight training, keeping in mind always the context of your calories. It will make or break your results.

Nutrition is king, when it comes to body composition. Keep that in mind.

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